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Windows Vista Operating Systems

Windows Vista Computer Operating Systems

Our free computer basic skills training today will be on the best computer operating system (OS) on the market today. I assume that you know what computer operating systems are and what they do on your computer?

The latest OS to be released by the Microsoft corp in their Windows line is Windows Vista.  This new computer operating system has been heralded as the future great wave of OSs with new, meliorated characteristics and an interface like no other.  What can you anticipate to see new in Windows Vista Operating system?

Virtually substantial in Windows Vista (OS) is the way it appears.  It’s more brilliant colors, more graphics, and capablenesses for holding multiple windows open up on the same screen.  Think of it as a PC variation of picture in picture.  This is referred to as Windows Aero and is a completely new graphical user interface. I know all these might be sounding strange to you if you are still struggling with your computer basic skills training or if you haven’t used Windows Vista before.

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Below are other spotlights you will be able to find on Windows Vista PC opereting systems:

  • Basic file backup and restore.
  • Improved DVD support with the ability to easily create custom DVD movies.
  • Easy transfer, a feature that allows you to easily transfer files from an older computer to the new computer.
  • File encryption.
  • Instant search available through all Explorer windows.
  • Support for DirectX 10.
  • Shadow copy, a feature that allows you to recover deleted files.
  • Improved photo gallery and control of photographs.
  • Windows Sidebar and widgets that allows for you to add an almost endless list of different gadgets.
  • More parental control.
  • Self-healing, the ability to automatically detect and correct problems that may be encountered on the computer.
  • Improved Windows Calendar, with the ability to set tasks and appointments easily.

Equally was the case with other releases from Microsoft Windows Corp, the new Windows Vista operating system is not without its negetive parts.  The largest complaint amid users of this OS are that it has a system requirements that are so high that you need a very large memory on your computer, just to install the Vista Software alone.  It consumes up too much room on the hard driver, the PC runs slower.

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Although Windows Vista coperating system computers are flashier and appears more beautiful, a lot folks experience trouble adjusting to the Modern features.  It’s sometimes hard to switch to something you are not used to.  With everything that’s new in Windows Vista operating systems, it can be overwhelming, but this is where you take it slow and explore your new OS.
Most of the troubles and glitches in Windows Vista simply demand a workaround or a modification in the manner you use it.  Generally, Windows Vista operating systems has been acclaimed as a big Modern product ushering in a Modern generation in computer technology.  The choice has to be up to you whether or not you want to upgrade your current OS version on your PC, but if you do, we’re relatively sure you’re in for a marvellous experience with Vista

And on that not, we conclude this free computer basic skills training lesson on Windows Vista Perating System. I hope you enjoyed it? You can Vistit this page right now for your complete guide and step-by-step process on upgrading your PC. All you’ever need to know about various computer operating systems are on this eBook.