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Basic Computer Skills Training Knowledge – Download Manager

Free Computer Basic Skills Training Knowledge about Download Manager

A lot of computer beginners today and even regular PC users don’t even know what a download manager is. So for our free basic computer training skills lesson today, let’s take a look at what this stands for. A download manager is basically for downloading files, as what the cyberspace is to the Internet. The net is meant purely to surf Internet pages and different information. Where as a download manager is purely meant to download and some of the times, depending upon the manager you use, even upload files to a server.

download_manager The favourable thing about a download manager is the truth that it has a memory, and can recall where a download came from, however big the file or document was, and most importantly, how much of the file you have downloaded in case it’s to go back and drag that information back at a future date.  When you use Internet Explorer to download files to your computer, you are just midway downloading a file and the power goes completely out. You have to start downloading the files all over again, that’s where a download manager comes in.

A download manager has some kind of a built in memory per say. If your power goes out in the middle of a download, once your computer regains Internet access, then the download manager will go right back to where the download left off and continue on from that point. Also, with a download manager, it lays all the controls right in the owner’s user’s hands. If they are downloading multiple files, the user has the power to suspension certain downloads, to increase bandwidth to the other downloads, and then restart that download whenever the user is ready.

And on that note, we conclude this short free computer basic skills training knowledge for beginners about download manager. I hope you enjoyed it? Have you signed up for your free basic computer training skills tutorials yet? Why not do that right now on this page? Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to seeing you in our next PC beginners training tutorials!