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Back Up Computer Files – Free Basic PC Skills Lesson About Backup Files

How To Backup Files and Documents And Need To Backup Your Valuable Files.

Computer basic skills free lesson on how to backup your computer files and valuable documents on your PC. There are so many methods that you can use to back up your valuable files, but most computer beginners and even some semi experienced PC users don’t even know the need to backup files on their computer.

When thinking of ways to backup your documents, you can use online programs and services that permit you to backup your documents and files on a separate server that can easily be accessed through the Internet. You also can use the normal writable CD-ROM disc, where you can simply copy, paste, and just burn the files on your PC through this simple process. Zip disks also are effective for backing up files and documents, as well as external computer hard drives.

So How do You Choose the Exact Data Or Files You Should Back Up

When backing up your files, you don’t necessarily have to copy the entire contents of your PC. Computer programs that you have a CD-ROM installer for often need not have a back up. Here are some of the files that you definitely must have to backup:

  • Your Important emails
  • The contacts of your email address book
  • Your bank records and other valuable files that have financial information
  • Your pictures and digital images

Software and music files that you downloaded online
Any other personal projects (essays, research and term papers for students; presentations, documents, and reports for the working class)

Computer Basic Skills: Some Basic And Final Reminders on Backing Up Files And Documents

Make sure that you do label all your storage materials. If you are using normal CDs or DVDs, for instance, be certain to label and file them correctly. Back up files are of no use if you eventually can’t find what you are looking for among them – and they’re sure to pile up.

Do not use simple floppy disks as permanent storage method or media for your backup files and documents. The data inside them easily get damaged and won’t last long enough to be useful as a reliable backup media.

As you must be aware by now, the Internet is plagued with evil intentions and malicious people, smart and brilliant greedy plotters. They are constantly hanging around for innocent, unprotected PCs. Internet professional hackers use all sorts of computer codes such as worms, viruses and Trojans, to break into and ruin your computer, if it is not properly protected.

So you must therefore be ready and equipped to block them off from ever penetrating your computer system at all times. It isn’t that hard to achieve. If you are still finding it hard to learn basic computer protection skills, visit this site right now to get yourself a complete PC protection basic knowledge to properly learn how to protect your computer system.

Remember that prevention is often the best cure. And the saying applies to your computer or computers. It doesn’t matter if you are still learning how to use a computer properly or still battling with your computer basic knowledge skills. If you haven’t been backing up your files and folders till date, you better start it from today. And on that note; we conclude our free computer basic skills training lesson today on ways and need to back up your files and documents.